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Top 5 Reasons Why I Blog

November 23, 2010

It is to my understanding that many of you do not know exactly what a blog is or why people take the time to blog.  I am gong to make a little list as to why I started and why I will continue to lurk around the internet.

This all started when I was looking for some ways to re-use all of my baby food jars. ( I hate wasting perfectly good things)  I believe I started my search where all legitimate searches start…Google.  After browsing a few non-informative pages, I  stumbled upon a site that not only had a way to re-use my old jars, but offered many other crafty things I could do around the house.  I quickly made some hanging lanterns from the tutorial on the site .  She, in return, asked for me to send her a picture of my creations so she could feature it on her blog.  At this point I really didn’t know what a blog was, but I kindly obliged.  Here is my first blog interaction.

Pretty lame, if you ask me, but back then I was so excited to be on the internet!  From that point on I was hooked.  I started my first blog shortly after that.  It was a craft blog called PEACE.LOVE.CRAFT.  I wasn’t fully aware of the commitment and time it took to run a blog so that was short lived.  I was raising two crazy boys and trying to get back to work and trying to craft, take photos, and blog about it all.  That was a recipe for disaster, and I deleted that blog.

I still read blogs that were interesting to me.   I still really wanted to be apart of this community that I had gotten a  glimpse of.    I did some research and really thought about what I wanted to share with the World Wide Web before I started MyFlareLady.  I am so happy I did.  My blog is far from what I want it to be, but HEY you gotta start somewhere!!  This time around it’s been much more fun!  I am meeting people I would never have the opportunity to meet if I were to stay in my home and just be me.  I now have a place to be me and be seen being me…across the world. (does that make sense?)

This leads to my list of Top Five Reasons Why I Blog.

#5 Craft ideas. I get these crazy craft ideas from some pretty talented peeps.  I’m not talkin’ Martha Stewart here….these people shut her down.  They are truly, magic. The inspiration that comes pouring out of my screen really amazes me sometimes!   The Holiday DIY decor alone makes me weak in the knees!

#4 Inspiration.  I mean life inspiration.  I get to see places, real places, that I would have never known existed if it weren’t for my internet friends.  Don’t get me wrong…I love all of my “real life” friends, but there is something so personable about the bloggers that share their camping trips, daily outfits, and just there life in general.  It makes me see what I really want to get out of this time here on Earth.

#3 Community of people with lots in common. This is a part of blogging I am just getting to know.  If I have a question about something crafty….I no longer Google it blindly hoping for the answer I’m searching for.  I go straight to the source.  I’m also  following lots of ladies that enjoy thrifting as much as I do, and it’s fun to see what treasures they find! Another perk of being in a tight knit blogging community is for traveling purposes.   Some of them even have brick and mortar shops that I would love to visit some time!!

#2  Knowledge. I get to read an insane amount of information in a short period of time when I read blogs.  They cut down to the “nitty-gritty” and get straight to the point.  Some of them even make videos or how-to’s.  I have learned a lot from these types of blogs and I keep looking to learn more.

#1  To market myself. I’m not gunna lie…I started this whole thing to promote my art and sell it.  I am so happy it has become so much more than that.

ok this was a loooong post…I know.  I felt I needed to share these things….who knows…maybe I’ll inspire someone to start a blog of their own.  I’ll follow you!

tata !!


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  1. November 24, 2010 3:03 am

    im really glad you posted this! your one of the few whom i have actually had a bit of an interaction with! i adore your blog and consider you a friend already! I actually hung the painting you sent me in my studio today! when i get around to writing a workspace post ill be featuring it! keep on doing your thing and I will keep reading girl!

    kat ann

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