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WHOA! Where Did I Go….

October 16, 2010

Long time….no blog!  I have been a busy bee around here lately.  There are lots of things going on that I am excited to share with you.   But first, I must vent.   This whole being a regular blogger and making things for my new ETSY shop and being a mommy of two crazy boys and having a clean house and working part time is EXHAUSTING!   I took a little R&R for myself, but now I am coming back with gifts!!

My newest creations are pictured above. I have gotten so much fabric and vintage buttons since then and have even more in stock.  My uber talented neighbor is now my photographer and she delivers amazing pictures of my hair accessories. (Thank Jaimie!!!!)  Now, on to the good stuff…I am getting  ready for some Fall Festivities that will be taking place next month,  November 6th to be exact.  I am so excited!!  When I started doing all this blogging and crafting and selling, a few months ago, you all know how I was dreaming of being a hippie and selling my stuff.  Well, here I am, living that dream baby!  photo:weheartit

The Festivals will be on Saturday, November 6th, at St. James Catholic Church, here in Orlando, from 9am-3pm. (I will only be there till 1pm)  Then I am trucking out to Wedgefield for there First Annual Fall Festival, from 3pm-6pm.  I would LOVE for you to come visit me and check out my booths.  I will be accompanied by my friendy, Michelle.  She is very crafty as well, and will be with me all day.


I have also been invited to a trunk-show.  It’s like a private party where a few vendors sell their goods to people that want to buy!  I have been so blessed to meet people who are encouraging me along my new journey!  My artistic style is so personal to me and never thought that anyone would actually like what I make.  And yet, here I am making and selling and selling and making.  It’s a beautiful thing!  Thank you to all who believe in me! Have a wonderful Saturday and I will be posting my regular Sunday Funday tomorrow for your reading pleasure!


Tata lovers!!

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  1. October 18, 2010 7:25 pm

    Hello there…I just stopped by from Life in the Fun Lane and your blog is really fun. I’m kind of an older “hippie” love all things vintage too. I’ll be back for a visit.

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