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Rosette Love

July 16, 2010

I just got back from my magical vacation in South Florida and have been slackin’ in the blog department.  For that, I am sorry.  It was a great time for letting my mind wonder and for gathering some much needed inspiration.

I have been creating these new little flower pins for a few weeks now, and I brought my favorite one with me to Key West.  I wanted to test out the durability and versatility of my product.  I wore it on two different occasions. The first one was as a hair bow of sorts.(I don’t have a picture.)   It did just what it was supposed to do…hold some hair and look pretty darn cute! It had good “staying” power as far as hair clips go too!

The second time I used it as an accessory on my tank top. I like the way it snazzed up my otherwise boring outfit.  It was with me when I was riding my bike through town and on the car ride home and all the places we stopped in between.

Here I am at the breathtaking Anne’s Beach on Islamorada.   The orange and turquoise blob on my shirt is the clippy. I know its such a simple understated piece but I love it!! Very Anthro, but a much better price!!

Here is a closer view. I named this one ‘Orange Crush’. The turquoise flower is a cotton fabric that I left unfinished so it would unravel and have a ruff look. The orange rosette is dupioni silk ribbon hand weaved into a flower with rhinestone center and the rust colored flower is velvet scrunched trim I wrapped to make and also has a rhinestone center.

I am making these now for a few friends and would love any input you might have on my newest craft!  I will begin selling them as soon as I get the word that they are needed!!

So…what do you say? Don’t you need some rosette love in your life!? Just email me 😉 Thanks yall!!

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